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Sorge has been constantly experimenting with razor cutting and has invented unique methods of cutting which he has mastered. Any of his techniques can be employed in preparation for any style cut to increase the control of the haircut. There are also many variations and combinations of these techniques, which assist in creating incredible looks making hair an individual statement for hairdressers/stylists and clients alike.

" With a desire to be progressive, I have invented my own razor cutting techniques, a unique method of cutting and styling, which I have mastered with reflection given to past industry trends. My technique offers a new direction on today's new age of fashion hairdressing through the hairdressers most essential and traditional cutting tool the razor, bringing innovation and power back into style cutting" 
Antonio Sorgiovanni

All Sorgiovanni’s techniques are unique and yield individual results that have impressed many who have seen his work. With Sorge’s many methods and techniques you can achieve the following:

    To remove bulk and thickness but leave body

     To create shape and definition in the cut to create form
    Make curly and fuzzy hair smoother and polished
    Make the most stubborn hair more controllable
    Different degrees of diversity for achieving texture
    Personalise and polish your style cut
    Achieve volume and thicker hair


One of Sorge’s techniques in particular is the Ribbon Technique. Ribbon cutting is an innovative razor cutting technique developed and mastered by Sorge that maximises the thickness of hair beyond 33% giving a full and healthy finish.

Sorge’s goal is to educate stylists in becoming confident with using the razor together with his methods and techniques. He also wants to help them introduce a new form of creativity into their craft.

“Put confidence back into yourself and your crafted hands to use the traditional cutting tool….the razor”   Antonio Sorgiovanni